AISI Scabs

Shall consist of new or unused, clean, zinc base die castings. Castings to be unplated, unpainted, and free from corrosion.

AISI Saves

Shall consist of miscellaneous old zinc base die castings,with or without iron and other foreign attachments.Must be free of borings, turnings, dross pieces,chunks, melted pieces and skimmings. All unmeltables,dirt, foreign attachments, and volatile substances (such as rubber, cork, plastic, grease, etc.) are deductible. Material containing in excess of 30% iron will not constitute good delivery.

AISI Scribe - Crushed Clean Sorted Fragmentizers Die Cast

To be clean, free of dirt, oil, glass, rubber, and trash. To contain a maximum of 5% unmeltables such as free iron, copper, aluminum and other metals.